Setting up ATI mobility on Compaq Evo N1015v

  1. Connect one side of the cable to the s-video out and the second side to the TV or video. The chrominance swith must be off. You can see my experimental reduction with disconnected chrominance signal on the picture below.
    reduction.jpg(12 kb)

  2. Right click on your desktop and choose properties.
    01.gif(45 kb)

  3. Click on the settings card and then the third button specify.
    02.gif(35 kb)

  4. It opens graphic card control panel. Take screens and switch the TV on.
    03.gif(59 kb)

  5. Now you can see black&white image on the TV screen. This is the right time to switch the chrominance switch on or connect the chrominance wire and...
    tv-bw.jpg(15 kb)

  6. can see color image on your TV.
    tv-color.jpg(15 kb)

  7. Here you can set the screens as primary/secondary. When you'll play films from your notebook you must set the TV as primary screen because the card is able show the movies only on the primary screen. On the second you can see only black screen on the place where is the player's window.
    04.gif(66 kb)

  8. Now you can enjoy yours movies. :-)
    tv-film.jpg(14 kb)